T-pod on Tour

In the beginning of January, Einride started the U.S. tour with the T-pod in Washington, D.C. for the 97th Annual TRB Conference. Following that, the T-pod travelled to Detroit, Michigan for the North American International Auto Show.  Now, the T-pod is preparing for a trip to the West Coast.


Deutsche Welle

At The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, DW had a live broadcast that included the T-pod and an interview with Einride’s CEO, Robert Falck. Click here to watch the recording of the live interview. (Starts at 5:35)


Below is another video interview featuring the T-pod and Robert Falck broadcasted by CGTN at NAIAS. The segment starts at 1:05.

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Coming up

The team and T-pod continues its US journey to the West Coast. Stay tuned on our social media for updates along the way.

Early December Update

During the past few weeks, Einride has been showing the T-pod at Kvalitetsmassan and Learning Labs 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now, Einride is getting ready to ship the T-pod to the United States where we will be attending expos and conferences.


DI Digital

In this month’s interview in DI Digital, Robert Falck explains why he left his job at Volvo to start Einride and what the mission of Einride is.

Click here to read the article (Swedish)

Logistikpodden, Episode 67

Earlier this month, Einride’s CEO Robert Falck was invited to do a podcast with Logistikpodden. The topics of this episode range from the cultural differences between Silicon Valley and Sweden, large industrial companies, and of course the future of transport.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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Logistics and Transport Expo 2017

Early in November, Einride’s CEO Robert Falck presented the next generation’s road transport in the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. Along with the presentation, Einride co-hosted the premiere of Al Gore’s latest film, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

In Gothenburg, the Einride team and the T-pod were at the Logistik & Transport Expo and we met many interested people from all around the industry who were inspired and enthusiastic about the Einride solution. 

T-pod at Logistics and Transport

Pictured above are three gentlemen who came to the fair just to see the T-pod. As they put it, “It is so fun to come and see the future. We have seen so much change in our lifetime and it is fun to try to keep up. It’s so great to see a Swedish invention that could change transport.”

Einride’s Mingle and Latest News

So much has happened since the creation of Einride just over a year ago.  From the design of the very first T-pod to releasing the first prototype at Almedalen, we have been working full speed towards putting the next generation’s road transport on our roads.

Last Thursday, Einride had a mingle in Stockholm where CEO Robert Falck presented the next step for Einride. Friends, family, and others from all over the tech industry were present at the event to show their support and enthusiasm in what Einride is doing.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us celebrate this amazing year and we look forward to seeing what this next year will bring! More photos and videos from the event will be posted soon so keep your eye out for that.


This week, Einride and the T-pod was featured in HowStuffWorks article about how the trucking industry is gradually embracing autonomous vehicles. You can read the article here and be sure to share it if you find it interesting!

Also, Einride was featured in a Feminvest article about the company, the T-pod, and the future ahead for the team.  You can read that article here. (Swedish)

Be sure to follow us on our social media to receive the latest news and announcements from the team. Thank you once again for all of your support and Einride is looking forward to the road ahead!

Einride has won this year’s logistics award!

Einride is proud to have won this year’s Logistics Award from Sweden’s largest logistics and distribution community! Yesterday, Einride’s CEO Robert Falck accepted the award (video below) at the Logistics & Distribution 2017 Fair in Stockholm, Sweden.

An excerpt from the award article:

“With their self-driving electric truck, the Swedish company Einride wants to the change the transport industry. With sustainability high on the agenda, Einride’s transport vehicle is revolutionary and at the forefront of driving change to create the future’s sustainable freight transport by being more environmentally friendly, healthy and safe.”


If you would like to read more about the motivation behind the award, take a look at the article here: Einrides eldrivna förarlösa lastbil prisas på Stockholm viktigaste mötesplats för logistikbranschen!

Einride would like to thank you all for your support in the team and the T-pod and we look forward to the future ahead. More updates coming soon, be sure to follow our Instagram page for the latest behind the scenes content!

Recap: The Cutting Edge Festival!

The Einride team had an amazing time at the Cutting Edge Festival in Oslo, Norway earlier this week.  We met so many great people who were inspired by our project and impressed with the T-pod.

It was great to see the look on people’s faces when they first saw the T-pod and to see all the photos posted on social media from the festival.  Be sure to include the hashtag #ZeroEmissionTransport in your posts, we love to see what you all have to say!

If you are unfamiliar with the Cutting Edge Festival, it is Norway’s largest interdisciplinary business jam session for scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. They present the latest breakthroughs in science and the most exciting startup companies.

Overall, it was a wonderful festival and we are honored to have been invited. We would like to thank all of you who came and visited us at the event.


There were also some articles written by Norway’s biggest Engineering and Technology magazines about the T-pod’s presence at the festival. Be sure to check them out and give them a share if you find them interesting!

Teknisk Ukeblad – Denne lastebilen skal kjøre på E6 i Sverige – har ikke engang plass til fører

Tek.no – Denne førerløse ellastebilen kan være en smakebit på framtiden

Coming Up

We will be announcing the next event the team and the T-pod will be going to very soon! Be sure to come back to our blog and follow our social media for the latest news and more information about the event.

Thank you Norway!

Cutting Edge Festival 2017

Einride is proud to announce that the team and the T-pod will be attending The Cutting Edge Festival in Oslo, Norway!  The festival takes place on September 26th at the Oslo Science Park at 9:00 am.

The Cutting Edge festival is Norway’s largest interdisciplinary business jam session for scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. They present the latest breakthroughs in science and the most exciting startup companies.

Hear what Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, has to say about the festival below:

We are excited to give you all another opportunity to see the T-pod in person and we look forward to meeting all of you at the festival. To see photos from the event and the latest updates, be sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts!


Recap: STHLMTech Fest & IVA Conference

Earlier this month, Einride and the T-pod were at the STHLMTech Fest in the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre to give another opportunity to the public to see the T-pod in person.

If you missed our last post the STHLM Tech Fest is where every startup founder, investor, designer, developer, and journalist come together to share, be inspired and meet the whole startup ecosystem, and welcome visitors from 20+ countries.

Despite the rainy weather, the turnout was great and there was so much interest within the tech community.  Also the rain provided some great photos of the T-pod!

If you would like to see the live Einride Q&A from inside the T-pod, be sure to check it out here!

IVA Conference

Earlier this week, our CEO Robert Falck spoke about the potential of 5G networks and how Einride can use it to create a sustainable transport system to the audience at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.  The purpose of IVA is to benefit society by promoting technical and economic sciences and business development.

If you would like to learn more about IVA, information in Swedish is located here.

If you would like to watch Robert’s presentation, you can see it here around the  1 hour 10 minute mark.

Coming up

If you missed your chance to see the T-pod in person, we have another opportunity coming up! Be sure to stay tuned for updates regarding the next events we will be attending.

As always, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to giving you more information as soon as possible.

STHLM Tech Fest – September 4th

We are proud to announce that the Einride team and the T-pod will be attending the STHLM Tech Fest in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday, September 4th.

At the STHLM Tech Fest, every startup founder, investor, designer, developer, and journalist come together to share, be inspired and meet the whole startup ecosystem, and welcome visitors from 20+ countries.

We will be located at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in the parking area around 8 o’clock in the morning so come on by and meet with us and see the T-pod in person!

Einride team photo

Click here for more information.

Einride’s Summer Update

Needless to say, Almedalsveckan was a success for the Einride team.  The launch of the T-pod received media attention all around the world and is still being covered by the media each day.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you who came to our launch event in Visby or watched our live stream on Facebook or Instagram. Your support is what keeps us going!

If you missed the live launch event, be sure to check out our videos section on our Facebook page for a replay and an exclusive interview with Einride’s CEO Robert Falck!

The Launch of the T-pod

On July 4th at 10:30am CET we officially revealed the T-pod at our launch event in Almedalen.  Along with the launch, we had a demonstration of our remote driving set-up (pictured below).

Einride's Remote Driving Station

The overall reception of the T-pod was very positive. Of course, the question we received many times was, “How does the driver fit in there?!” Once we explained the self-driving and remote driving capabilities they were very eager to learn more. When they weren’t asking about it, everyone from kids, adults, and politicians were taking photos with the T-pod!

Einride’s Latest Video

Check out our new video that was accompanied with the launch of the T-pod. Here you can see how the infrastructure will work and learn more about the T-pod!


Here are a few of our favorite articles about the launch of the T-pod! Be sure to check them out and give them a share if you find them interesting.

The Next Steps

The next big milestone for Einride will be our pilot at a customer this year in the fall.  We still have a lot of work ahead of us but the morale is high after the well received launch in Almedalen.

We will keep you updated along the way on our social media and website so if you haven’t already be sure to follow us on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and sign-up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website.

Another reminder that Einride is looking for people that like to make a difference. If you or someone you know would be a good addition to the team, please check out our jobs page at einride.eu/#/jobs for more information.

Once again, thank you all for your support along this amazing journey. There is still much more to come and if you have any questions be sure to contact us!

Einride team photo