See the T-pod in testing at AstaZero!

Last week, Einride showcased and test drove the T-pod in front of investors and media at AstaZero outside of Borås, Sweden. AstaZero is the world’s first full-scale test environment for future road safety and is where Einride is currently driving with the T-pod.


Here is Einride’s latest video showing the T-pod in testing at AstaZero.

Dagens Industri

“Einride will put self-propelled electric transport on the roads”

Robert Falck and T-pod
“People say it’s impossible. We show that it’s not.” – Robert Falck, Einride CEO

“The tech company, Einride, wants to challenge self-propelled electric transport and aims to be operational by September. “People say it’s impossible. We show that it’s not,” says CEO Robert Falck. The company is now out on another financial round and has presented their T-pod.”

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“Revolutionizes the automotive industry – does not manufacture any vehicles”

“On Thursday, the company Einride showed its full-electric, self-propelled truck on the test track in Borås. The goal is to change the transport and automotive industry, but the vehicle is manufactured by suppliers. “We are a software company,” says CEO Robert.”

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Coming Up

More information about the U.S. T-pod on Tour and where the T-pod will be next is coming soon. Follow Einride’s social media for the latest updates.

Early December Update

During the past few weeks, Einride has been showing the T-pod at Kvalitetsmassan and Learning Labs 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Now, Einride is getting ready to ship the T-pod to the United States where we will be attending expos and conferences.


DI Digital

In this month’s interview in DI Digital, Robert Falck explains why he left his job at Volvo to start Einride and what the mission of Einride is.

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Logistikpodden, Episode 67

Earlier this month, Einride’s CEO Robert Falck was invited to do a podcast with Logistikpodden. The topics of this episode range from the cultural differences between Silicon Valley and Sweden, large industrial companies, and of course the future of transport.

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Logistics and Transport Expo 2017

Early in November, Einride’s CEO Robert Falck presented the next generation’s road transport in the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. Along with the presentation, Einride co-hosted the premiere of Al Gore’s latest film, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

In Gothenburg, the Einride team and the T-pod were at the Logistik & Transport Expo and we met many interested people from all around the industry who were inspired and enthusiastic about the Einride solution. 

T-pod at Logistics and Transport

Pictured above are three gentlemen who came to the fair just to see the T-pod. As they put it, “It is so fun to come and see the future. We have seen so much change in our lifetime and it is fun to try to keep up. It’s so great to see a Swedish invention that could change transport.”