Einride in the Media!

The launch of Einride and the T-pod earlier this month caught the attention from news outlets all around the globe.  It has been such an exciting time for Einride, and we are happy that so many people understand and support what we are doing.

In case you missed any of our media coverage, here are a select group of articles we at Einride think you will enjoy!

Title: Einride’s electric self-driving T-pod is a new kind of freight transport vehicle.

TechCrunch was one of the first news sites to pick-up on our launch which was very exciting.  The article was mostly a technical analysis of the T-pod and Einride’s mission.

The article is posted here.

Title: Will driverless trucks pass these guys by? One Swedish start-up is betting theirs 

Following TechCrunch, we were featured in the Washington Post with a perspective analysis on our mission.  The writer brought up excellent questions about the T-pod and the functionality of Einride’s transport solution.  It was great that the author understood the benefits for the drivers of the T-pod and the environment.

The article is posted here.

Title: This Driverless Electric Pod Is The Delivery Guy Of The Future. The T-pod is so autonomous, it doesn’t even have room for a driver. 

Right away, the author of the article saw the benefits of the T-pod.  A great quote from the article is:

“Since a truck hauling 20 tons of freight needs a lot of energy to move, it has to stop fairly frequently to charge; the T-pod can make it 124 miles before it has to plug in again. For other electric semis, charging time is a bigger deterrent, because it’s also wasting a driver’s time.”  

They got the understanding that this is not just about a truck, it is about a whole new transport system.

The article is posted here.

Title: Meet T-pod, an autonomous electric truck that can also be controlled remotely.

This VentureBeat article was really in-depth and well written.  They did not just focus on the T-pod, but they also focused on how this new system of transportation will actually work.

The article is posted here.

Those are just a select few of articles that we were featured in and we recommend you to check all of them out!  Thank you for reading and if you have any suggestions or find other interesting articles about us or the T-pod let us know!


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